Canada has a culinary team?

In case you were wondering, yes we do... and they are really good!

Dylan Koordi

Updated 2 years ago · 5 min read

If you are just as curious as I am about what a Culinary competition is, think MasterChef but instead of individuals competing against each other, we have teams of 5 from countries all around the world competing against each other for the coveted prize. Having spoken to the captain of the Culinary team Canada, you might be surprised that we are doing relatively well in these competitions; finishing top 10 in the past 3 events amongst some of the heavyweights. However, there are problems that need to be addressed.

Speaking with Chef Olaf (captain of Culinary team Canada), one of the bigger concerns was just how underappreciated and unknown the team was to the general public. With his bright personality and passion for food, Chef Olaf instinctively shares the drive and endless desire (to win) that his junior team has going to every competition. Primitively, this drive has been a key determinant of the success to date but the truth of the matter is, they need our support whenever possible. He recalls that the countries that have won in the past, have had a lot of support both in fans and in funding. This is a superior advantage because for one, having access to sponsors for premium quality ingredients allows the team to creatively experiment with their final dishes to present to the judges. That means, for a country that does not have as many resources to experiment, there is a strong disadvantage. That in spite of the passion and drive, it will be hard to go from a top 10 to a top 5.

But why might you want to support culinary team Canada? Foremost, I will cover a small percentage of the beauty of the competition and leave the rest for the podcast! In essence, think the same way you would support any sport team. You support a team because you value their history or the way that they play and function. In a more direct sense, you might also be supporting a team purely based on where you are from. Well, apply all of that to culinary team Canada! Described as a diverse group of the best junior chefs across Canada and competing the same way you would see in MasterChef. There will be a lot of shouting and a lot of intensity that will consistently keep you at the edge of your seats. Plus, upon presentation, I guarantee that you will be blown away by how beautiful food can be plated. 

I have only sold you on about 5% on why you should support culinary team Canada. Tune in to our latest episode on the podcast next Wednesday, where we talk to Chef Olaf! If you are not sold here on why you should support culinary team Canada, let the engaging and passionate Chef completely sell you on the idea. As someone that was oblivious to the culinary team prior to the podcast, I had only envisioned a cooking competition based on the MasterChef but having heard the stories through Chef Olaf, you begin to see the bigger picture and appreciate just how much goes into presenting that final dish to the judges. 

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