"Can we recycle the black takeout container?"

Well, it does not end up in the recycling bin if that is what you thought...

Dylan Koordi

Updated 2 years ago · 5 min read

Existing Problem

Now more than ever, there has been a resurgence in takeout from restaurants. With the unpredictability of when restaurants are opening up again, the number of takeouts since the start of the pandemic has increased exponentially. With that, so does the increase in demand for these black take-out containers (as pictured above). Contrary to popular belief, these low-cost containers are not recyclable and should be in the garbage bin instead. Pairing the exponential increase in demand with the amount of potential waste with the black containers, our environment has not been as friendly as it seems. While there has been plenty of initiatives to introduce environmentally friendly package to improve the carbon footprint for restaurants, lets explore one of the better options in this article.

Sleek Stainless-Steel Containers

Recently, Kaspace Café has collaborated with mysuppli to introduce a very interesting yet effective solution to this recycling issue. Following the motto, “Reuse, Return, Enjoy”, Kaspace incorporates a reusable stainless steel takeout container that once you finish your meals, you have a week to return these containers to the café. They also incorporated an app to ensure that customers are able to track their containers.

As a customer, why does this apply to me?

Do it for the environment! In due time, when more restaurants are part of the initiative, you will have more food options available to use your Stainless-Steel Containers with. That means you don’t have to eat the same food every time. Even so, you are doing wonders for the environment because not only will you stop making the mistake of recycling your black container boxes, but given that you have the freedom of a week to return your containers to the set restaurant, you can freely use these containers to use for your other foods at home! Beyond that, taking a walk to the restaurant to return your containers could be a good breather to take in between your work sessions! Not to mention, there is also plenty of drop-off locations that are listed on the map. If the restaurant is a fair bit of distance away, conveniently go to the drop-off closest to you!

When you order through the food ordering app, the cost of utilizing the sustainable steel containers is $0.99 (that’s even lesser than your Tim’s small coffee).

As a restaurant, why does this apply to me?

kookSave the long-term cost on top of saving the environment. Yes, in the short run the black container boxes are the cheapest option to ensure that you have a good profit margin but with the steams of returning containers, you save up on the number of black containers that you constantly have to keep up with. While saving the environment, you also market yourself to a wider demographic. Now more than ever, there has been a rise in customers that are environmentally conscious. In a study by IBM and National Retail Federation, nearly 70% of consumers in Canada and the US are for the idea that brands should be sustainable and or eco friendly. Going green with your takeout boxes can potentially lead to more customer sales. How could a restaurant encourage this recycling ecosystem? Rewards system applied to per order involving the sustainable packaging! Offer discounts to customers when they make their container returns. On top of saving the environment, you also get a consistent stream of business from the same customers. Top off the rewards with a referral discount code. For every referral, offer a discount on the first order! Spread the word and increase that profit margin.

So, there you have it, make the step today for a better future tomorrow!